Monday, September 20, 2004

blah blah blah

do you really want to hear my story?
do you want to see me as the person that i am?
unmasked i am nothing but a person
a person who longs to be herself.

in a shallow grave i waste the moment
a moment that's supposed to be beneath the sunlight
i wonder in deep misery....
thinking what world would be better without me.

am i soooooo pathetic?
that in my own filth i linger
like a fly that doesn't have anything better to do
would you be a refuge at all?

would i be better off within a tunnel?
shouting and screaming to get out
yet i tied myself down to the ground
what pathetic life i live?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

nothing like it....

Blowing down a fire of endless suffering
You can’t remain a virgin through time
You’d see most of the worthless gains
And die with the score you have in life.

I’d much rather be the main woman of the whore house
And set fire the ebbing loins of men,
Than be the rookie and be told what to do
I am what freedom is, and what freedom can be.

Bite your tongue or I’ll bite it myself
And the cat might take a bite at it as well
Innocence is out of coverage in this century
And the death of femininity is such a burden....


is it worth your time to burn the insence?
is it worth the sweat or the movement?
to believe in a sense of deep thought
in a passion so far apart.....

heat is within the fingers
a song is written through unknown pages
so much inspiration
so much flow....
do you hear the heart?
the blow of one fire
ebbing in a ground of silence
the night burns
a petal is being burnt.

imagine a night of brown skin
imagine the scent of oil
imagine the worthiness of the moment
imagine the soul within the moon


I blink at a sorrowful defeat
as the rays start to come in
its soft pearly sensation
blindens a spirit at ease.

a work of witchery
it calls upon tapped whispers
i love to find it there
within a black blanket
full of crystals.

I speak no less of a bright goddess
streaking its luminescent power
across the horizons of its peak
it is a glamorous start on its own.

It puts an end to the sweet sentence
and narrates a shadowed story on its own
she flashes the sun like a small pendant
and conquers the universe in its on mystique
she may not own her depth
but the full moon....

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here is a point to ponder from adidas

"impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men, who find it easier to live in a world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it"

Monday, September 13, 2004

quotes to ponder

"being crazy is not about being broken or being swallowed by a dark's about being you and me....Amplified!"....girl interrupted


whatever you want to say whatever you want to write...whatever at all...anything that involves who you are, your passion and your beautiful minds are welcome. Pictures that make you think and make you feel good, bad or make you feel any emotion at all is something that we want to see. This is a blog for artists..and philosophers....deviant minds...passionate short a blog for CRAZY people.....hehehe

I encourage comments for each written work or photo or painting....don't try to kiss anybodys' ass....but it would be nice to give constructive comments to help each other grow in our craft.

Introduce yourselves, and meet beings like mindedness is a must and respect is of great importance...remember...anything can be real but not everything can be understood.....

just have fun with what we do here....nothing is wrong....nothing is right....remember beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.................................One thing that i want to point out though......we have no religion specifications here.....but i encourage love to rule.