Tuesday, October 26, 2004

wala nako dalaganan nga iban kundi ang dagat kag ang bulan lang Posted by Hello


Spells of the enchanting dance
The run around of the hypnotic sound
In the ghetto side of town
You’d hear the hips swaying with the wind

The beach sings the rhythm
Like it knows what its singing about
The moon fills and completes the poem
And makes everything feel so right

Sands run through the toes
Without hesitance the entities conquer
Fire spreads through out the island
And everything feels so surreal

Do you know the reason?
Of the being of a girl
Or the essence of being the boy
Smoke is past from lung to lung
And the breeze sniffs a part of it

Colors of the flowers
Celebrate the warmth
Aphrodisiac, is the black blanket
And after one more run around
The world becomes one unbelievable beach
And every race is making love on the sands.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Surf

Just came back from a spectacular weekend in a beach in La Union......tried to learn how to surf....I’m still in the paddling stage and on my way to balancing my body on top of a flat piece of wood-like material ideally called a "surf board". The waves were amazing...I never imagined a place like that exists nearby....it really put things in perspective. How beautiful and extraordinary is our homeland?...we have Boracay, a haven for lost souls looking for refuge beyond belief, where bodies can just float away with the rhythm of the relax sea...we have Palawan, a hidden heaven, that can only be seen to the eyes of the chosen ones (namely the rich and the people who can afford to spend as much as they want for a weekend of pure bliss)....we have puerto gallera, the little boracay, for adventure lovers who loves to go through a challenge first before attaining their reward (which is a long stretch of semi white beach, lined with clear blue waters, a peaceful community, and smiling faces)....and here comes La Union, which has been known to its natives as a surfing haven, but is starting to be known to the world as a land where surfing rich strong waves, can be a life.

I am a self confessed beach bum, turned surfing fan and hopefully evolve to a real surfer one day....... I was awe struck at the magnificence of the waves in La Union....I never dreamed of riding them for their grace seemed so harmless, but as they start to silence themselves, and started to climax to the height of their power, you would see what these water base art forms are all about. 5 am we arrive at the surfing resort in San Juan, the blackness of the night was still in dominance. We were cold and tired....directed by a stranger to our destination....we passed by a small walkway lined by bushes....we can't see clearly because the sun was just about to wake up....I thought “God what is this place”....but as we went nearer to the end of the walk way, we heard the soothing sound of the waves welcoming us. It was like a sudden rush of adrenaline....I went further the walk way...started to see flowers....and even it was almost pitch black....I could see the waves brushed with white edges shinning with the moonlight....it was perfect....it was more than what I expected.....perfection at its best. Mother Nature has out done herself, I thought....as always it seems that everything about her has always been a surprise.

No one was there to get our bags nor to get us to our rooms....it was all about the waves....6 am while waiting for the resort owner to welcome us....we started to see people come out from their nipa huts....we started to see men with bodies cut to a nice finish come out...they stood in front of the beach....just looking at the water....waiting for something. Glancing from one end to the other....after a few minutes they'd vanish into thin air then you would see them ridding their boards out to the open sea....where do they get the energy? And after a few minutes more waiting in the middle of this magnificent blue blanket.....I see this guy shoot like a bullet and paddle his heart out catching one of the crashing waves ridding it like a natural born sea cowboy.....I thought I was in love......hehehehe...for a second there.

The scenario....no sleep, tired and hungry.....and yet I was in the middle of this strange place trying to find out the purpose of my being there...or better yet just trying to sip in the reality of my being there. The sun started to show its color on the sands....and the waves singing their radical songs.....and I was there to witness these beings try to make a masterpiece out of the wild workings of nature....I saw these beings tame these unbelievable powerful waves, and become one with them.

I was lucky enough to experience the feeling of being a part of this world of water and life. As I approached the water dragging the board along with me...each step felt like struggle to keep up with the strength of the Poseidon.....such power....such energy. After the fight to ride one of his horses....I was able to grab a hold of one....even if I wasn't able to stand tall on the board...even if I came crashing after a few seconds...even if I got bruised after tumbling under water a few times....even if my legs got cramped....even if everything seemed to be a bad memory...the only thing that I can remember is that moment when I felt the wave...the wind through my hair, water running wild behind me....I was actually riding a wave.....I was riding a water based life form created by a miracle......can you believe that?

After wave riding, we just sat around the beach….by 4:30 pm, the waves were untamable…the only people seen riding it were the professional surfers…..We just watched them gracefully conquer thier obstacles…..It was just like watching ballerinas at play. We watched them well before sunset….just amazed with their ability to just skate through the water. The sunset was definitely something else as well….it was such a clear sky, and we just saw the sun slip through the clouds, like was being tucked away by the horizon. It was a great ending to a unique day.

The next day was hell for us....we felt every muscle complain....but it was well worth the ride.....we left the beach at exactly 10:30 am in the morning. Of course, we had one last look at the ocean and its entire splendor before we left. On the way home I could not stop thinking of how our stay was to short….that I didn’t even get to meet people yet….and that we haven’t really sunk in to the whole experience of surfing….but, oh well, so I say maybe it was meant to be short….so that I'll want more of that day. I’ll be coming back that's for sure...no doubt about it...I’ll be back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

self portrait Posted by Hello

Monday, October 18, 2004

a book to read

book: Shanghai Baby
author: Wei Hui

A beautiful creation dedicated to poets, artists, free spirits, crazy people, drug users, the sane and insane. It's a very open minded book that talks about sex and love, and everything that goes with it. Every page, every chapter was a moment to desire......Wei Hui is a writer to admire, her style is special and uniquely her own. Her words were in your face sexuality, but romance still exudes from every sentence. The passion of the main character is so real, that i believe every artist, man or woman, can relate to.

The book is passion and obsession, desperation and contentment. It is all about the cross over from sleep to consciousness in life. The words were written so vividly, that every move, especially every scene that involved intertwined bodies, made the reader feel heat all around. You feel the ecstasy and the pain that the characters feel.

The book is heavy, and i strongly recommend it to both ladies and men. it is such a wonderful experience....and a plethora of emotions. Get ready to feel anything....but bored.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

my flower

Freedom such a big word...such a big responsibility to be....i say not....i speak not.....nothing more...nothing less...i say...i question....am i free???? or am i me???????

the reality of a scared little me...to do things....that involve pain, and..involve life..is it me?
am i sane?.......or do i have a secret little world....my own earth...my own heaven....my own hell....in the spontaneous span of the minute within my brain....do you see a different world?....a different era..................or dimension

is it me?...or is it you?... all i know is ...................
i am love....love.......LOVE...sex....lust..........magnificent ecstasy........................poetry in motion

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

ano ni man?

kung kis-a gapamankut ko
kung ngaa galibot pa kalibutan ko
daw kabwisit panumdumon
nga ako buhi pa di

gina-ukay ko kaugalingon ko
panumdum kung ano ang sala
bato-bato ang gapalibot sa kalibutan
gakalumos na ko, pero la man ko gyapon kabalo

bangungot lang katapat ko
hambal ko sa lawas ko
para indi nako magbugtaw
pero indi man ko tulog

indi man ko gusto mapatay a
linong lang pangita ko
gusto ko lang magpahimuyong
kag indi paghilabtan

Pink Tutu

"for ronnie ....my ballerina"
- fertility

i see a ballerina
dancing with the morning
following the sunrise
on the horizon

i see a ballerina
singing a song
with the use of his silk
pink ballet shoes
sending out the beauty

passion breathes through his neck
like a lover kissing his nape
and trying to seduce his

as he glides through
the wooden sweat stricken floor
my eyes stick like glue
on his adeptness
and i am stricken to a pause
at awe
i am seduced