Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Spells of the enchanting dance
The run around of the hypnotic sound
In the ghetto side of town
You’d hear the hips swaying with the wind

The beach sings the rhythm
Like it knows what its singing about
The moon fills and completes the poem
And makes everything feel so right

Sands run through the toes
Without hesitance the entities conquer
Fire spreads through out the island
And everything feels so surreal

Do you know the reason?
Of the being of a girl
Or the essence of being the boy
Smoke is past from lung to lung
And the breeze sniffs a part of it

Colors of the flowers
Celebrate the warmth
Aphrodisiac, is the black blanket
And after one more run around
The world becomes one unbelievable beach
And every race is making love on the sands.