Monday, November 15, 2004


How would it feel to kiss you?
To feel your tender lips touch mine
to feel the heat of two souls
give up to temptation
and merge in its equal intensity.

Would it be like caramel?
Mixed with the delicate likeness of chocolate
Will it taste as sweet?
Will it taste as pure?

Will our lips bind like the sun to skin?
Turning it to gold, and stresses its own color
Deep into the roots of your body
Will we glow like the god that he is?

Will it feel like heaven…or hell?
Combined in one place….
Where everything seems to be equal
In chaos and in harmony.

Would it be like alcohol or morphine?
A flight without getting off the ground
A sudden paradise in the middle of war
An instant replica of Babylon.

What would it be like…
To have your lips lock with mine…
To feel nothing but you, deep inside
To feel…hear nothing
To see nothing
And taste nothing but the whole of you.

I would not know really
For I haven’t had you
But if the grace of life
Gives me that bitter sweet moment
I would not hesitate…..