Thursday, December 09, 2004

the adventure

In a week that was filled with misery and sickness, and over expensive anti-biotics.... you would really think that i gave up the idea of going out of town over the weekend; that i may have just stayed home and slept through the weekend.... you would think i just laid in bed, checked out the stars peeping above the window, waiting for the whole miserable day to would really think that in my wretched state (cough, sore throat, pharyngitis and all) I would have looked weak and restless, smelling like vicks and expired saliva combined. HOOOOOOOOOO thought wrong. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

As i am Nicole.... the ever "kaladkarin" person that i am... i actually went through the ever anticipated trip back to San Juan, La Union. To tell you the truth, i myself had second thoughts in going....i was really sick....but my voice was getting back to shape...and the only problem that i had left was a bad cough. Luckily, the over priced meds worked.... 2000 bucks later, Friday morning i felt...... ooooh, much, much, better. I was not in great shape, but much better than i was the day before. 9 p.m.-all my bags were packed; bikini, board shorts, sun tan oil and all... i was ready to jump on the bus on my way to paradise once more.

We (my bestfriend and her friends, and my better half) left our place at around 10:30 in the evening. When we arrived at the bus terminal, we were not expecting to see a jam packed place. The line from the ticket booth for La Union, Laoag or Vigan were over flowing..... my doubt for the trip became evident. The twelve o'clock trip to La Union was full and so we were bumped off to a 2 a.m. trip. I was in a bad mood.... and i really just wanted to get out of there and go straight to the Batangas pier, and take the bus to the next best thing (Puerto Gallera).... but take note: no matter what, i was not going to stay stuck in the city. My best friend told me that they were going to push through.... of course as i am a very compromising person (you think??? hehehhe) I asked the better half of me if he wanted to continue with the trip and he just gave me a nod..... so, without hesitating the plan was full force.

6 a.m...November 27...Saturday...we arrived in the doorstep of Sebay (just a few steps away from San Juan Surf Resort, where we stayed before). Tired and hungry, we checked in to our rooms ready to find refuge in the deep stillness of a strange place. As i slowly dragged myself through the pathway...i was able to take a glimpse of a blue enigma at the end of the walk.... i felt a sudden surge of energy to my brain..... Adrenalin started pumping through my veins.... the feeling was definite.... i was sure of it...... i was HOOOOOOME!

Considering the fact that i wasn't able to sleep the whole night and still had a hang over from the sickness that i had...... I was up and about. Fresh air became my aphrodisiac... and i was ready to make love to the world. After fixing our stuff in our rooms.... i immediately went to off to meet an old friend. Still blurred by the long sleepless night that i endured.... i stood behind a wooden fence that separated me from the watery heaven that I was seeing. My mates were still in oblivion..... and they were just content in staying behind the cemented lines for the mean time. I, on the other hand, jumped over the barrage.... like a long lost puppy who found his master.....i was at the mercy of the greatness that stood before me. The air was cold and wet..... the sun barely even took a peek on the beach side.....I sat down on the moist sand, took off my slippers and just ran my toes through this grainy felt like everything around me was just starting a new felt like i was a part of this blossoming world. I just sat there for a moment and just sipped in the inspiration that the universe was giving me.

After being intoxicated with inspiration.... I went back to the room and started to prepare for an unexpectedly flawless day. After breakfast...i change into my bikini, bathed myself in sun tan oil... and armed with a CD player and a sarong....i was ready to take on the rest of the adventure. On the beach, people and surfers alike were starting to greet the day.

Don't get me wrong the scene was perfect...once again we were blessed with a sunny day... and the wind was just the nice touch of a cool breeze.....but the waves were just not the same. Unlike last month, when we came.... the waves were in harmony... synchronized in every move.....they crashed with powerful force and unique unity. But this time it seemed like there was restlessness in the after the other waves came to devour each other. Manong Jun (our surfing instructor) informed us of the unfortunate news that we won't be able to surf in front of the resort...naturally because of the current state of the waves. It was filled with bad breaks and strong under sea currents. So we were told that in order to learn how to surf, we needed to take a detour and a jeep ride to the edge of the next town.

That day we learned that in surfer terms, a 15 minute ride means.....a ride all the way across a long highway, crossing the next town to the edge of civilization, near a cement factory. So in the spirit of a challenge we did what we had to do.... and rode a jeep all the way to that lost surfing haven. After a few minutes of waiting in front of a cement factory.... Manong Jun lead as through a dirt road..... passing cement rubble and sand hills. We stopped at a point where we saw a sign saying "no swimming, 3 people drowned here" (it was an encouraging sign).We started to unload the surf boards, and as we walked through a steep path....and through the bushes....

I never realized there was such a place. It was like a scene from a surfing documentary. On the right was an abandoned cement pier....on the left was a grey sanded beach that stretched towards the end of the island......and in the middle of everything was a wide blanket of blue....that displayed strong, regal and yet surfable waves. The supposedly abandoned beach (considering it was located in front of a cement factory) was accessorized by a few surfers who knew the place. It was like a place that only local surfers knew about...and that we had the honor of visiting (cooool ain't it).

After a few minutes of fooling around, Manong Jun gave us some overview of what we will be doing in the water (in lieu of our new colleagues). First up were the first that means me, mai, and niel were in line for the second batch. We watched as each wave devoured each attempt to surf...and eventually we watched as they successfully made it out of the water in one piece. Next up was our group....i thought "oh, well come what may...whatever happens happens" the day was already a great reward, so for me this could not get any better or any worst. In the water, the breaks were rougher than we thought. Just like the last time, we were crushed...ran over...and we were banged on by the powerful entities in the ocean. We were nerds compared to the strength and power of the waves. There was a point were i was wiped out really bad, and i tumbled below the waters'd think it was really deep but it wasn' i tumbled on the sand bar i got bruised all over. But we still kept on going….we were soldiers at war....ready to take on any attempt to bring us down. I was bruised every time i hit the sharp sands below the water....i even got cut by a dead corale...yet, i honestly never thought of stopping. I was determined to do what i went there to do, and that was to surf.

After a dozen and a half attempts, i was tired and out of breathe.... but i started to get the waves....instead of being hit on and crushed...i was now learning to tame it and go with its flow. Then it happened...just at the time i least expected it...i jumped on the board...and with the help of Manong Jun and a really cool wave (that was for perfect for me at least), i was able to stand on the board and actually , surf. I could not help but prance around.....i was shouting and growling in the weirdest sense (you should have seen me, wahahaha!). For me...even if people will say not yet....but for me...I was now a surfer. After the ride...all my pain....all my aches...went away...i was reborn. It was the most amazing feeling i ever felt. I was able to stand only a few times after that...but it just proves that it was not a fluke...i truly learned how to surf.
This does not mean that i am really that good....because I’m not (well not yet), but who knows right? It was certainly the coolest thing. It's not just because i was able to learn how to surf, but the idea of learning something new in my such a thrill.... such an adventure.
As any adventure, my La union challenge had to end....but as we packed our bags and boarded the bus back to our reality......I am grateful for the trip. I learned a lot about myself....I made wonderful new friends....and i learned how wonderful life really is. The La Union adventure ended with hugs and kisses, the traditional last look at the beach, and a long ride back to our so-called temporary home. But all i know is my adventure does not end there.....this is just one of my side trips, and there will be more of these.............while i take on my greatest adventure..........


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