Wednesday, January 12, 2005

a battle, lost in a different sky

as leaves fall from an autumn stricken tree
a new beginning is seen on the horizon
but the sadness in the eyes of the little girl
who played around the tree
is as heavy as each leaf floating down to kiss the ground

you can hear nothing but the cold breeze
calling the sun to come out and be one with sky
tired and sleepy the little girl falls asleep
on the cold gray cement
the faceless world starts to transform
and becomes another universe in her mind.

partially blind, partially in pain
the bitter-sweet caress of the black rain
she wakes up ridding on a plastic pony
the hand mold horse points the way to heaven
but she still walks on the path of purgatory.

a coin falls, and you can see its echo
vibrate across the horizon
and you see her pupils dilate
alive, she walks on....leaving her scarf
not looking back
the tree stands still
no goodbye....not a kiss
not a smile....
the tree stands still.