Tuesday, January 11, 2005


like blade sliding through an open wound
the bitter charlotte finds a way to cry
as she lay dead and cold in the middle of the universe
her eyes are wide open and screaming
while her mouth is sewn shut
by an old stingy thread.

the miracle of being
in the darkest and coldest paths
is a miracle to itself
Unidentifiable, and anonymous
to the world of the forsaken people.

would you like to smell the cunt?
of a shivering long lost flower
an offense to every law in the land
its petals will slowly break through every rule.

Uncommon in a world of reality
amazing in a world of fantasy
dark in the world of the morbid
but in every other dimension
she is still....with tears dripping
through her diamond stricken eyes
and as each salty configuration drops
the world is shaken.


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