Wednesday, March 09, 2005

pagan.....but inlove

send the small boat through the dark mist
send it to a storm and through the ragged edge
of this flat piece of world
then it will fall.

In the middle of the risk
hear the droplets of screams
transformed to sound and melody
in the darkest pit of poetry.

more chocolate coated children die
in the limbo of war
a heart gets pounded through the depths
the worldly greed of being
and the will to be in the heavens.

better than being in hell
this world becomes a photocopy
and yet we find lilies and violets
and a little bright eyed child
holding a white shiny ball
amidst the darkness.

Do you believe in the sun?
or the moon and the stars....
do you create? life?
will you be?....a moment.
a song starts to crash through a mind
waves envelope shores and shores
of souls.

believe in......heart.