Tuesday, June 28, 2005


i wrote this poem when i was still in college....i found it when i was reading through some old stuff that i had....just a reminder for my spirit...and for everyone as well...........this is an edited version...bare with me....i was young....

i will fly now
like an eagle, i will soar
no more will chains bring me down...
i will walk away and be me
be awake and be free
i will be who i want to be
and be what i will be.

no more destruction
or distractions.....
i will jump and run at my own will
stop where it is needed
when it's time
on my own time.

I will ride the wind
like i did before
step on fire....get burned
and be alive again
shout and scream
cry then breathe
no fear....no fear for life as it is.

I will fear only the almighty
and love when i need to love
love all the way
i will be and will be....

i just want my freedom back
the wind through my hair
the burst of blood through my veins
the breathing of my soul
the amplified essence of my being.

i was free you know
and i will be again
i hope?
no....no....i am free.......

Monday, June 27, 2005

the hunt

can anyone please find me?....help me look for something that i have lost....i'm not quite sure really what i've lost...was it me or something in particular....its something that meant everything in my world....that psychedelic andromeda, that is my world. I lost it when?....well i don't really want to remember when....i might have lost even the memory of its lost. Does that make sense at all? To forget the day that you've lost something?....or i just don't want to reminisce.
It gave me music....the truth....the truth of music. I want to hear music again...really hear it...feel it...find it. It gave me color....and paint on my hand. I don't know how it did but it did.It showed me my reality...the very essence of being who i am....the insanity of the whole concept that is me. Do i make sense at all?....am i really looking for something or this is just all bullshit?